As lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, I’m teaching courses on public and social policy. In the past, I also taught at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, James Madison University in Florence and University of Lisbon on the topics of institutional theory, social policy and research design.


MA Course “Evaluation and Delivery in Public Policy”, Queen Mary University of London, course convener (both on campus course and distance learning programme course), 2021/2022 (in progress).

MA Course “Public Management and Governance”, Queen Mary University London, course convener, 2021/2022.

BA Course ‘Public Policies’, Public Administration and Territorial Politics Program, Institute for Social and Political Sciences, University of Lisbon. Guest lecturer and final project instructor, 2015/2016.

MA Course ‘European Social Policy in Hard Times’, Political Science Programme (EU Policy Studies), James Madison University, Florence, course convener, 2013/2014.

MA Course ‘Neo-Institutional Approaches to the Study of Social Norms and Institutions’, Social Science Program, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, course designer and convener 2013/2014.


Curriculum Design, Queen Mary Academy, 2021.

Teaching Certificate, Max Weber Programme, EUI, 2020.

Teaching Skills Certificate, jointly taught by staff from EUI and London School of Economics (LSE), 2012.


‘Book Presentation – ‘The Post-Health reforms in post-communist countries: the politics of policy learning’, Newcastle University, 2022.

‘Book Presentation – Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook’, Lancaster University, 2021.

‘Health Politics in Europe. The Breakdown of the Soviet Union and the Transformation
to Capitalist Democracy in Eastern Europe’, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced
Studies, 2021.

‘The Politics of Health Reforms in Eastern Europe’, European University Institute, 2020.

‘Ideas, Institutions and Politics in Market-Oriented Post-Communist Healthcare Reforms’, Trinity College Dublin, 2016.

‘Politics and Institutions in the Post-communist Healthcare Policy: the Case of User Fees’, Institute for Social Sciences, University of Lisbon, 2016.

‘Who Wins, Who Loses? Distributional Outcomes of Healthcare Reforms in Eastern Europe’, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, 2014.

‘Convergence or Divergence? Financial Crisis’ Impact on Social Policies in Europe’, James Madison University, 2013.

‘European and American Welfare State in Comparison: A Healthcare Perspective’, James Madison University, 2013.

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